Fun, Friends and the Support you need

We strive to give every child who accesses our service a positive experience, allow them to access it in their own way and our whole family approach enables families the opportunity to make lasting memories together.

Our Mission

We want to be an integral service across Birmingham for families who have children with additional needs and / or disabilities for social opportunities, advice from lived experiences and support for the whole family who are navigating the SEND system.

Our Values

Delivering an individual and family-centered approach is at the heart of everything we do.

Supporting Individuals and Families

Delivery of suitable and inclusive social and play opportunities for children with additional needs and disabilities and their siblings.

Collaborating for Positive Outcomes

Working with external providers to the benefit of the organisation and the families we support.

Doing the Right Thing

Ensuring we treat our staff, volunteers, service users and supporters as individuals and with respect at all times.

Thinking Long Term

We are creative in finding solutions for the challenges faced by our families and our organisation.

Our Services

School Holidays

School Holiday Activities

Our vast and varied range of activities throughout all school holidays is the bulk of our delivery. We provide all sorts of opportunities and experiences — nothing is off limits!   

Our whole family approach means siblings are welcome and memories can be made together. 

Coffee Mornings

Regular opportunities for parents and carers to meet up over coffee and cake is a staple for SEND Socials Birmingham!

We have a giggle, we talk all things SEND and sometimes we have a cry. Importantly we never judge, and we welcome anyone who wants to join us with open arms.


Moos: More Opportunities out for school

More Opportunities out for school: This is aimed at school aged children who aren't currently accessing education at school. We offer a weekly activity giving these children the opportunity to make friends, build their confidence, prepare them for school, and often reintegrate them into being around people in a group environment.

Epic times

EPIC - Eleven Plus Inclusive Club

Eleven Plus inclusive Club: Launched in 2021 having seen people struggling to find enrichment / extra-curricular activities for their growing children.

One evening per month SEND Socials Birmingham takes a group of youths to do a fun activity in the community alongside their parent / carer.

Parent Wellbeing & Workshops

Empowering parents and giving them the knowledge they need in their arsenal for the trials and tribulations of SEND parenting. Introduced to add some positivity to your day, to make you feel good and to help take some of the strain off what can be an isolating and exhausting journey.

Dads Group

Set up and run by Dads, partaking in numerous activities but usually involving a curry and / or beer!

The monthly evening meetups give the opportunity to come together, to meet others who "get it", share experience or just relax.

Youth Club

Our fortnightly youth sessions are for 11-16 year olds. We use a typical youth room with access to a pool table, foosball, games consoles, computers and relaxed seating.

It's the only thing we currently do where we actively send parents / carers to another room so the young people get a real sense of independence.